Elegant and intuitive interface.
From the moment you launch CarOS, you know how to use it. That's because CarOS was designed to be easy to understand. No matter what feature you’re using or what CarApp you’re opening, everything is easy, intuitive, and safe when you're in your car.
Built-in features and CarApps


Clean home screen

The refreshed home-screen with the quick to use bottom bar, will give you an easier access to the key features of CarOS, simply by browsing all the one-touch features available.


Driving View

Introducing the all‑new Driving Mode, with a complete map view, to control your playback, get your next events, see your trip summary, and have a view of the road ahead with the Waze Reports.


Browse the map, search near of your current position: gas stations, parking, restaurants and more. Get a quick preview of the navigation to your destinations.


Access to all your music from your device or from Apple Music. You can browse by songs, playlists, albums and more. You can also control the playback of your device from CarOS.


Forget your keyboard when you drive and start speaking to write your message, and with just two touches, your SMS and iMessages are sent.


Make calls or Facetime easily, browse and search your contacts by names or phone numbers, or see your history of recents calls made from CarOS.

And even more features


Let the magic happen, just start driving with CarOS and your device will automatically change it's own configuration for you, by adjusting the brightness, speakers volume and recording the road. And Siri will even be your copilot!

Emergency calls

Everywhere in the world, and just with your location, the emergency feature will offer you more than 100 countries's emergency numbers. Just shake your device and touch the red button to launch this feature.


CarOS will be your hub in your car, and from this hub, you can add and launch your favorites AppStore apps. From the home screen, simply launch the Shortcuts CarApp and let you drive.

Live Sharing

Share with your family, friends or for carpooling, your location on the road in real time. They will receive a secure link to follow you in live. You can also share your trip summary from the Driving View.

Smart bottom bar

Everywhere you are in CarOS, this bottom bar is always visible. From it you can return to the home screen, start recording the road, adjust the speaker volume, brightness, share your location, and more. like an airplane dashboard.

Dashcam camera

No matter what happens on your route, when you start driving, your rear camera will record the road smartly by saving only the last minutes, to save the memory of your device. You can also protect and share any important records.

Face Control

For the first time in the cars, you can now control your device or the playback of your songs and radios with your face, without touching your screen. Feature available from the iPhone X.

The best partners..

..in your car. Access and search in the biggest streaming musics catalog with Spotify or search for the best places with the leader Google Maps. Some new partners will arrive later inside CarOS, get ready!

You want more?

CarOS offers a few extras that you will really love: a car locator which also indicates you how long you've been park, a left driver option. When you turn off your car, the playback is paused and the app closes automatically.

Pick the best plan for you
All the next updates are included with each plans.



  • Driving View
  • Live Sharing
  • Emergency Calls


  • Limited Time: -12% discount
  • Driving View
  • Live Sharing
  • Emergency Calls
  • Automations
  • Shortcuts to iOS Apps
  • Find my car
  • All the CarApps
  • Face Control
  • Dashcam camera
  • Listen 10.000 Radios
$2.99 Monthly $25.90 Yearly
Lifetime Bundle


  • Limited quantity available
  • All the features of CarOS
  • Lifetime Premium license
  • Special Icon
  • Magnetic phone holder
  • Dual USB car charger
  • Holographic CarOS sticker
  • Worldwide free shipping

Tranferable subscriptions

All your plans are transferable between your devices just by logging yourself to your CarOS account inside the app.

Your account, your CarOS

Before using CarOS, take few seconds to create your CarOS account inside the app, to get all your subscriptions, purchases and requests into one place.

Our best support for you

Our CarOS team will always be happy to help you and answer your questions, fix your issues and even more.