The ultimate copilot application

Compatible with all vehicles, CarOS is a safe and powerful app for driving, designed entirely for the road.

The best, or nothing

Imagine all the power of iOS, dedicated to be the best head unit ever made for your car.. Discover CarOS and all the best features available in this ultimate dashboard application, for your iOS device.

The basics are so powerful

CarOS will offer you 6 essential CarApps to drive safely, have the right information at the right time, and play your podcasts, musics, call your friends, record the road, with the minimum of interactions.


Make calls, browse your favorite contacts or search contact by phone number, it's simple but very useful.


Access all your music from your device or from Apple Music. You can browse by songs, playlists, albums and more. You can also control the playback easily by touch or swipe.


Browse the map, navigate step-by-step safely with Siri or search near of your current position gas stations, restaurants and more.


Forgot your keyboard when you drive and start speaking to write your message, and with just two touches, your SMS and iMessages are sent.


No matter what happens on your road, when you start driving, your rear camera will record the road smartly to offer the best dashcam protection in your car.

Our best partners..

..In your car. Access and search in the biggest streaming musics catalog with Spotify or search for the best places with the leader Google Maps.

Drive Mode

Your best personal road assistance

Discover Drive Mode, your future favorite screen in your car during your trips. After some seconds of inactivity in CarOS, the Drive Mode will automatically be displayed and the icons board will be hidden. This brand new screen will resume you all you need to see and know on your road, and incorporate the Waze® signalements with Siri! In this mode you can control the music or podcast playback with just a tap or swipe.

The best features, for the best drivers

Discover all the power you can have in your car just with your iOS device as head unit with CarOS.

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Pricing and Download

CarOS is available with two plans, cancelable at any time from your Apple AppStore account.

We also have a Premium Lifetime services →
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Distribute and offer the best dashboard app ever made to your customers, to be sure to make them happy.

Resell CarOS directly to your customers, easily and with specials prices for the professionals.

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